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I highly recommend Beth Conway's sales training session for the valuable tools, and perspective you will gain which will directly translate to increased sales.

I had the privilege of attending Beth Conway's sales training sessions multiple times. Beth's passion for sales is truly infectious, and her insightful and specific sales strategies completely revolutionized by approach

One of the key principles Beth emphasizes is the art of listening to clients, understanding their unique needs, and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. This approach shifts the focus away from the salesperson's urge to push all products and instead centers on valuing and acknowledging the client's perspective.

Beth provided me with invaluable tips for asking the right questions when engaging with clients:
1) What does success look like to you?
2) What aspects are currently working for you?
3) What information do you need from us to remain a priority in your future plans?

Beth's guidance on crafting compelling stories about our company's products, their unique value propositions and how they stand out in the marketplace was truly invaluable. Additionally, her expertise in addressing client objections is unparrallel and I learned immensely from her techniques.