Meet Your Business Coach

I'm Beth, a seasoned professional with a passion for sales training and coaching. Over the past decade, I have honed my expertise in empowering sales teams to excel, from medical media advertising to fine art and beyond. I specialize in customized sales trainings for groups and individuals, as well as business coaching for entrepreneurs. My goal is to equip sales professionals with the mindset and tools necessary for consultative selling, enabling them to forge lasting connections and drive revenue growth.

I believe in the power of relentless prospecting, meaningful engagements, and a focus on delivering value. My approach is not about transactional sales but about building trust and understanding with prospects. I've had success in diverse sales environments, from healthcare communication advertising to fine art and jewelry sales, all rooted in rigorous training and a commitment to excellence.

I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to learn and grow, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you. If you're interested in a complimentary 1-hour workshop on conquering objections or discussing how I can help your sales team, I encourage you to reach out. Let's work together to take your sales performance to the next level.