Corporate Sales Training

Quit Teaching Your Sales Associates the Same Tired Tips

Elevate Your Sales Team

Develop an effective approach for your team through a sales workshop in New York City, Philadelphia or anywhere in New Jersey

Your sales team fuels your business and dictates the success of your entire operation. Continual growth only happens if you empower your team. Compass Sales Training and Consulting offers group corporate sales training in New York City, Philadelphia and throughout New Jersey. With guidance from our corporate sales trainer, Beth, your team will have the tools to navigate any challenge and hit high sales goals.

Beth will assess your current operations while taking your industry into account to create tailored trainings that effectively address any gaps in your sales techniques. She may suggest improvements to how your team:

  • Presents your products or services
  • Converts prospects into sales
  • Holds effective conversations
  • Finds leads and prospects
  • Overcomes hurdles
Beth holds corporate sales trainings virtually and in person. Speak with her today for more details on her trainings or sales workshops.


Effective sales training allows you to build a successful team. Beth has helped countless sales teams gain confidence and hone vital skills, which resulted in:

  • More sales
  • Increased revenue
  • Stronger relationships with customers
Reach out today to schedule a sales workshop for your company.